Interaction with Lawmakers of India

In order to keep the system in sync with our work and to continuously advocate for a change or improvisation in the affairs of the state, we conduct regular meetings with lawmakers. Lawmakers are the most important stakeholder in the process to change and influencing their thoughts or action is at top priority of our objectives. We make regular visits and conduct meetings and interaction with several area corporators, Member of Parliaments (MP), Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Member of Legislative Council (MLC) & Ministers of the state or the center. In order to have a holistic approach and work toward solving the issues on ground we design programs for partnering with the Government or Local/International organizations. Many of our projects have generated widespread support from the public bodies and have been launched successfully.


With regard to policy, we endeavor to mine as much essential data as possible regarding the issue and then share it with the authorities responsible for molding policy. By doing this, we assist the policy makers by providing a wider pool of information and research data to rely on. We are cognizant of the fact that molding/ effecting policy is a long term process which would not ordinarily see immediate effects, but the essence of our program is to ensure that programs and policy are not developed without the necessary and verified data required. The sheet anchor of this principle is that subjective satisfaction, when it comes to policy decisions, must be based on objective material. Our research department is enjoined to undertake an extremely aggressive approach to this issue.




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