Social Media plays an important role in community development and improvement. Channelling and utilising this powerful medium for a social cause will see instant reaction amongst the public. Starting a campaign or a drive is the first step for an effective activism for a change. It is often a strong way one can interact with the public and initiate a change within themselves. Campaigns can also be used to mobilise and involve people, pressurise decision-makers, educate public and develop a change in behaviour. There are number of campaigns you can initiate sitting back at home:
These campaigns can be run by you individually or as a team with your college/ school mates or office colleagues and friends and uploaded on our website and social media pages to encourage others.


Photo/Video Campaign –   You can participate in this existing campaign where individuals all over are taking photos of themselves holding the hashtag message in order to show their support and highlight the problem of smoke emitting vehicles and environmental degradation- Preview of our Stop Smoky vehicles photos

Video campaign

You can reach out to the public, officials, politicians, celebrities and take video bytes about their views and opinions on the environmental degradation or the campaign.

Key policies to be imbibed by fellows at their campaigns:

  1. Does it affect a lot of people?
  2. Are there clear goals and can you gain concrete benefits for people?
  3. Can the campaign be completed or show some good results within the stipulated time?
  4. Your voluntary work and campaigns will be shown in our social media pages and the public forums we address.
  5. For your voluntary service the team will be appreciated with a certificate from our foundation.

TO START A CAMPAIGN, GET IN TOUCH WITH THE TEAM AT-     info@antipollution.org  /     +91 824 4270008


Environmental pollution occurs when noise, dust, odour, light or air are unreasonable and make it difficult to lead a healthy and harmonious life. You can informally complain about environmental nuisances by certain acts in social media. Stringent actions can be taken pertaining to the situation and can be made to change by paying a fine or in some cases can be taken to the court.

  • #StopSmokyVehicles:
    What is #StopSmokyVehicle campaign?Taking photos and selfies are very common amongst us and it has become a part of our daily activities. To step up the heat against the vehicular polluters, young faces have come forward to take photos with messages. We the youth will not side line our future go up in smokes and for this we have taken up a mission to eradicate vehicular smoke pollution. Time’s UP! Clean up your polluting vehicles in matter to clean up your lungs! All you have to do is get a picture of yourself taken and trend with a tagline #stopsmokyvehicles . Make sure to not just take a picture but also to adhere to it!
  • #NoTrashHereAndThere
  • #AgainstUrinatingInPublic
  • #TerminateSpittlebugs
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