Anti-Pollution Drive (APD) Foundation is a registered public trust under the Indian Trusts Act,1882. By receiving donations and corporate support, we strive towards taking appropriate actions, creating data, providing solution and disseminating information in order to improve public, environmental and economic health of Indian cities.
In our projects and programs, financial management is a vital activity as in any organization. It is the process of planning, organizing, and monitoring our activities with a view to achieve organizational as well as our collaborators’ goals and objectives.


Annual Report in English


Most of our funding support comes from the Governmental projects & the corporate entity. The remaining comes from public sector undertakings, individual donors and private entities. We have also been successful in securing prestigious awards that also fund our individual projects.

To achieve APD’s goal of better public health, sanitized environment for everyone, we have adopted an holistic approach working in three dimensions.

● Awareness and Behaviour Change.
● Laws & Rights.
● Public Health and Research Strategies.

The financial support received by APD is either utilized for specified projects or distributed across these platforms of our work to the various activities conducted under the three departments of APD.

Our impact numbers can be viewed in each of the projects pages, Around 40 projects were initiated by our three departments addressing various issues. We have covered 120 schools till date in Mangalore alone and reached out to nearly 20000 students, our projects under the Public Health & Research Strategies have been the first of its kind in the cities and has encouraged the Government to take appropriate measures. Our projects under Laws & Rights has got a nationwide presence and influenced several Governmental institutions.These include air pollution monitoring, pulmonary function tests and observing various eco days with the public.

Our organizational costs include office setup, human resources, administration, communication, IT support, media management and operations. We also have a continuous list of ongoing events, activities and ventures round the year.

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