It is said that you make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give. Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. But not all would like to serve. And that’s where the difference lies. As a group we have constantly made decisions that have shaped the rest of our activities.

Each decision that we have taken together has moulded our future in minute details as well as enhanced our impact to the society. We have done this by developing our character as a team and were influenced by many other inspiring individuals who have dedicated their support & time. We have believed each tiny thought, word, action and habit changes the future and it has – and all this wouldn’t be possible without the dynamism of our supporters.

Climate change, negligence of our nature and the depletion of resources is the largest movement the World has ever seen. And the inspiration to do one’s bit is not garnered from books, nor does one need to know the second theory of thermodynamics in physics, nor the complete picture of the power house-mitochondria in the cells of our bodies, or have excellent analytical skills and is able to readily make sense of a large volume of information while wearing a black coat, but it lies in humanity’s willingness to restore, redress, reform, rebuild, recover, re-imagine, and reconsider. And this has been proved many times over by our supporters who have held ground firmly with us in our hope to bring a change.

Yes! Our team has had faces from various backgrounds and the love that we’ve received from each one is incredible! We’ve believed that the living World is not out there somewhere, but in our hearts! A thousand fibres have connected us while we worked as a group. We are a family whose bond knows no end. And each one – has heart full of grace and soul generated by love. To give one’s time and talent for a good cause is a special feeling indeed. And kindness, like a boomerang, shall always return to you all.

Some have dedicated time with a lot of élan and gusto which shall be cherished. Being consistent, inspirational, enthusiastic, generous, every little contribution of service – not just the big ones – to keep the energies moving forward and meeting its objectives has always been a win-win for us.

We appreciate you for sharing your wholehearted selves with your communities. Your zeal and passion, in helping to find the organization’s core and to explore its own strengths is priceless. Thank you for being you and an inspiration to the rest!

A special thanks to Suzna Kader, Basila Ali, Karthik Shenoy, Yagnik Mukund, Sobia Rafiq, Prakyath Malli, Hani Kunil, Thomas Devasia, Mohini Karunakar, Karan Shetty, Nancy Singh, Rafiqa Tazeen, Toshia Kader, George Jacob, Abdulla Ibrahim, Nikitha Punja, Ankit Bhargava, Charishma Rai, Risha Shetty, Kavya Bhandary, Zubair Ibrahim, Irphan Mohammed, Dashrath Shetty, Madhu Mailankody, Vinayak Prabhu. It’s great how each of you’ll have taken the initiative to tackle smaller and more time intensive tasks on your own. APD is evolving itself overtime to attune itself with the modern world and you all are priceless.

We also wholeheartedly thank:-

  • The media houses for their immense contribution which played a pivotal role in emphasizing the problem in hand and giving our work the leverage.
  • PP Hegde & Associates for his legal advice and support.
  • Hats-Off Digital for their unceasing passion and commitment to support us.
  • Sri Bhaskar Arasu for driving our work into various significant bodies
  • Sri Mahesh Nayak for his vehement support and guidance.
  • Sri H Lakshmikhanta, Senior Officer, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board
  • Sri Uday Nayak ACP Mangaluru City Police, Sri Ramanath Rai Minister for Environment, Ecology & Forest GOK, Sri UT Khader Minister for Civil Food & Supplies Government of Karnataka, Smt Kavitha Sanil Worshipful Mayor Mangaluru City, Sri JR Lobo MLA Mangaluru South, Sri Mohiuddin Bawa MLA Mangaluru North, Sri Nalin Kumar Kateel MP Dakshina Kannada, Capt Ganesh Karnik MLC Chief Whip, Sri Ivan D Souza MLC Chief Whip, Sri Rajshekar Puranik KSPCB, Sri Jayprakash Nayak KSPCB, Sri Madhu Manohar MCC, Sri Shabrinath Rai MCC, Sri Manjunath Shetyy Kundapur Municipal Corporation for their complete support and guidance.