How is Pollution Control covered in CSR?

The Environment (Protection) Act (1986) law gives the central government the power to protect and improve the environment in terms of reducing pollution in any way possible. Many corporates have come up voluntarily to make this an environmental friendly practice. The Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests come together with the corporate sector to take initiatives including the energy efficiency, Clean Technology initiative by the Confederation of Indian Industry and others.


As a Corporate or a Business entity, you can use your marketing methodologies for novel ways to support APDs efforts.

A similar phrase, Cause-Related Marketing, usually refers to a subset of cause marketing that involves the cooperative efforts of a for-profit business and a non-profit organization for mutual benefit.

Some examples:

  • Donate earnings from the sale of a product or service – We help associations work out special promotions, from which a percentage of the profits is donated to APD.
  • Provide an opportunity for APD – You can use your benevolence and influence with your customers, clients, suppliers, and associates to provide a medium for APDs efforts by exhibiting messages in their outlet to contribute to APD.
  • Bharath Group’s chain of bookstores known as Bookmark has collaborated to our efforts by funding the print materials and promoting our work to their customers.
  • Four Star Food & Hospitality running the popular food joint chain Lincoln & Just Juice Cafes has joined hands with APDs effort by promoting our work to diners at their outlets.


Over the past two years APD has pioneered, launched and conducted several public events or research programs to amplify the prevailing issues of waste segregation at source and reviving the air quality in the vicinity.

Public events form a vital part of the foundation as it enables us to create awareness, educate masses and disseminate information in order for citizens to make informed decisions.

These events or activities focus on specific problems – from influencing citizens to segregate waste at source, to spear head a campaign in the school or college, to creating awareness on the disastrous levels of pollutants in the air. By sponsoring an APD event, you not only assure good visibility to your brand or organisation amongst wide range of people, but also assist APD in delivering its objectives.


St George’s Homeopathy, a leading medicine supplier in the country sponsored the 1st phase of APDF’s research and data mining project known as Shuddha Gaali

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has sponsored our awareness events in Schools

Pana PU College collaborated with APD to conduct a mass awareness program to commemorate Earth Day


As a commercial or a corporate firm you can give the people in your firm the opportunity to give a little back and make a difference to the society

This encourages the association and escalates corporate morale too.

APD’s ‘workplace giving’ is a simple and effective formula. The company’s employees contribute by consenting for an automatic deduction from their monthly wages towards APD. This makes the contribution process easy and hassle-free.

Naturally to put this choice into effect, it would necessitate the approval and involvement of both, the management and employees.


Similar to every organization or institute, every day we incur various sustaining or functioning overheads. Some of these costs can be underwritten by corporate houses or individuals.

At APD, we incur various costs such as office equipment, maintenance, basic conveniences, cost of travel, meetings etc. By partnering with APD to fund our administrative expenses, it allows us to focus and deliver on our programmes, and thus coming on board with us on our course to improvise public health and welfare.

For more information on partnering with APD or to meet an APD representative, please contact the our office or write to us at


At APD Foundation we looks at ourselves as responsible in delivering an impact associated project, we firmly believe a problem or a crisis cannot be addressed in a single approach particularly when the deleterious influence is colossal.

To address the crisis of environmental and health degradation from air pollution and its sources we devised projects to intervene into the problem from ground up. We curate projects to begin addressing from the origin of the problem and formulate holistic methodologies in damage control or mitigation

You can adopt a project which is worked upon from any of our three departments. Be it sensitizing the public which is very important, or data mining and research which our Country is lacking in, or a project which is policy driven. Each project is directly related to improvisation of the environment, safeguarding further degradation, boosting economic profiles of cities and augmenting public health and welfare.


UN-Habitat & Narotham Seksharia Foundation Mumbai is supporting us with our Smart Swachha Mangaluru (SSM) initiative, an operational & implementation programme to achieve segregation at source, which will be a keystone in enabling success of Mangaluru’s ISWM system. The subsequent phases of the SSM project are adopted by the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC)

Antony Waste Handling Cell Pvt. Ltd. (AWHCPL) a corporate house from Mumbai has adopted Namma Mangaluru Swachha Mangaluru project which is a sustained city wide mass information, education & communication (IEC) campaign to highlight the importance of waste segregation in Mangaluru city. This project is actively and effectively running since June 2016 with positive impact.