Malls have become an integral part of our society and looked up as community centers. Sustainability is not just a goal, it is a necessity. Sustainability is directly linked to resources and resourcefulness demanding an all encompassing and holistic approach. The whole purpose behind sustainability is to preserve our environment and avoid depletion of the earth’s natural resources. Shopping malls are starting to look almost alike, with the major international and local brands infiltrating the malls and offering similar sales. Are all shopping malls the same? To differentiate from other shopping malls, some malls are trying to target different groups of consumers, while others are starting to brand itself on a particular theme. Do you wish to focus on the green theme and take pride in itself as one among the eco-malls in the vicinity? Or would you want to create awareness among the footfalls in your mall? Fret not! You are a step away… Join hands with our team to organise events and revive the relationship of the people in the vicinity and the environment, and let your Mall be a shopping mall for families to congregate, play and shop while allowing them to enjoy an eco-friendly experience and learn more about the environment.

A month/week long Eco-drive

  • Achieve reduction in electricity use and water conservation
  • Currently most of the mall’s common areas depend on natural daylight. Phase out these lights & replace with efficient LED lighting.
  • Make sure your mall uses 100% environmentally friendly cleaning products (inclusive of biodegradable packaging) and recycle bins.
  • Ensure Bicycle paths are present for cyclist.
  • Feature 100% biodegradable and recyclable kiosks
  • Conduct a range of workshops on recycling, water scarcity and energy efficiency.
  • Host exhibitions representing various sectors such as Green Awareness & Recycling, Organic Food & Green Living, Energy & Water Efficiency and more.
  • Host Children’s art workshops using recycled materials, giving a new definition to “green fingers”
  • Let your Mall introduce a special green ‘Shopping Bag’, which shoppers can purchase from the Guest Service Desk. A portion of the sales proceeds will go in for transforming an unused place to a garden. (lead to G for garden not garbage)