Our Beginning

Anti-Pollution Drive was founded on 2nd October, 2014. It began as a conversation among a group of friends and like-minded people who felt deeply about the issue of pollution and its effect on public health.

While initially it was named ‘Action not Words’, in order to act upon every issue faced by the public, the drive was later named ‘Anti-Pollution Drive’ to specifically focus on improving the health of people affected by pollution. An organization that started off with one person working for a cause, Anti Pollution Drive, also known as APD Foundation or APDF, is now a registered member organization.

In recent times, social media has been the easiest and most effective way of reaching out to the masses. So, on October 2nd 2014 the group of friends started a Facebook page for APD to coincide with the launch of Swachh Bharath initiative of the Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi. They thought along with clean streets, the Country also needed clean air. This page was instantly supported and promoted by close friends and peer.
The intent of the page was to gather like-minded people and create a platform where people could interact with the experts and come together to foster a healthier environment.
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