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As any educator knows, a classroom is a robust resource. In a strong class setting, students learn how to identify, address and adopt the kinds of change that can constructively affect their lives, communities and the rest of the world. As a student’s mind grows, opening up to innovative ideas and tackling more challenges; teachers, as the leaders of the classroom, can direct the energy of their classes towards accomplishing any number of tasks, from solving complex math to performing Shakespeare to learning the importance of embracing greener practices.

Why do we need greener classrooms ?

The power of the classroom can reach beyond its doors, to address the issues concerning society in general. One pressing topic of interest that involves all students (both on an individual level and larger social scale) is the environment.

Green classrooms in schools & colleges not only equip students with the knowledge on how to make a difference in the world, but also help create a healthier learning environment that benefits the students, teachers, and learning institution as a whole.

Eco-conscious classrooms have been proven to cause the following:






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