“” is an initiative taken by APD Foundation,  which is one of its kind in the city of Mangaluru and the first ever waste contractor supported feature for the for the city and its constituents. Based on a model focused on a similar concept used in London which had a wide coverage and gained attention in India, the website aimed to inspire and advocate people to take action and reduce the waste from daily lives by maximizing their recycling habits and lower the production of waste.

Recycling is the method of converting the waste materials into new usable materials and thus saving it from returning to landfills. When done in maximum quantity, it can save tons of materials filling the landfill and contaminating the environment. The intent of setting up a website is for it to be a portal for dissemination of holistic information and therefore a natural step towards ensuring the sustainability of adopting waste segregation at source by individuals or organizations. In addition to this, the digitization process will enable making them more interactive, accessible and easily updatable.


Most Citizens want to recycle waste and cooperate with such efforts, yet they are unable to do so because they lack the right guidance. This website will help people recycle more things, more often and achieve a zero waste lifecycle. The website will educate people and give a roadmap for waste generators about what to do with each of the 200+ waste materials that are listed on the website. The website will also connect the people to the local recycling centres in the city and help them to dispose of any kind of waste through a proper and sustainable channel. Using the website effectively will help protect the environment from pollution and preserve natural resources as well as help in reducing the landfill space that is growing exponentially. The project will help create a better economy and job opportunities through processing and management of waste. The website initiative comes as part of APD Foundations Smart Swacch Mangaluru (SSM) project that aims to achieve segregation at source, a key step towards the success of Mangaluru’s Solid Waste Management system.

So what are you waiting for, use our website to get information on recycling shops near your location and start recycling

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