Health of the general public is a determining factor on the overall development of the Nation. It is also a key point in keeping a healthy society at the grass root level.

What good is a city which lacks adequate health camps and other related facilities that promote public health?It is a known fact that public health is one of the determinants of Human Development Index. Apart from playing a major role in economic development and GDP growth, human resource at the base takes a hit due to lack of public health overheads.

So far in the world, public health has been a gauge for pollution as well as development of humankind. NCDs (Non Communicable Diseases) have been a major threat to India as 1 in 4 Indians are at the risk of contracting an NCD before the age of 70. Chronic lung and cardiovascular diseases have been labelled as a menace and air pollution has a high stake in it. Despite the ever increasing public health expenditure from the Government, it is a hard task to curb chronic diseases caused by a plethora of pollution. For instance, inadequate solid waste management can result in rodent infestation which can lead to a rise in food, water and even vector borne diseases.


Aligning our aims and objectives in accordance to the UN SDG  in ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being for all at all ages to attain sustainable development. We work towards increasing life expectancy by targeting pollutant commonly in contact with human. Progress has been made in on Proper Municipal Waste Management, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Wetlands Conservation. . However, many more efforts are needed to address wide range of pollutants those are persistent and amongst the emerging health issues.


Maintaining public health in India atleast, can be a herculean task due to the population factor. Unlike spreading information, keeping a tab on public health can be equally strenuous. Apart from empowering the public with information, constant steps towards improving public health will do wonders for the country’s human resource development. Click to join or partner with the public health department.

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