To the general masses, a certain legal aid returns to their favour through the Government as it is the entity that reaches out to them. With a need for effective Governance, comes a great deal of policy research meant for implementation.

For the people to enjoy an utmost benefit of true governance, extensive policy establishment will surely ensure state of the art living standards. On the whole; to attain maximum utilization of the conventional resources, people friendly policy implementation is of utmost importance.


Along with the implementation of Government policies, certain other can be moulded to ease out the interests of an overall growing system. The first step taken towards a constantly growing National is a boon to the world if not the country itself.

In order to minimize the burden of growth on the society and remove the topic of cumbersome living, the competency of policy is required to be on a higher scale. As a matter of fact, effective policies are those which are one, if not two steps ahead of the way people are living.


Of course, as the people of a Nation, we are bound to follow the established system. The outlook on the same system is far too huge for us as spectators to witness a change.

An apt saying by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see” holds good in every aspect of this generation. In a bid to notice a change, we must be the change that we wish to see.

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