Coming to think of it, the behavior of each individual conglomerates into an issue of a large scale. What one person does, affects the whole nation in either a smaller or a bigger manner.

It all starts with the little things we do as humans that define humanity and it’s basic trait of treating the surroundings on both extremes. It may take time to sink in, but a human habit can be altered by proper guidance and awareness.


We as humans can influence others’ behavior to the extent of no return. Although old habits die hard, every individual can change over time by audible and visual examples of others.

A sense of responsibility on each person’s hands can give rise to a greater good when it comes to taking humanity to a better sustained growth. To inform is to educate, and to educate is to take along the ones left behind to give them a larger picture of a clean and green world.


As the highest form of intelligent species on this planet, human kind has been able to take development to another level rather than just living. We have come a long way from the early days living in forests and caves to the present generation of space age technology.

It becomes easier for such a developed species to be influenced and change for the better. After the ages have passed and a whole new generation of environment conscious people exist, what we do now is what takes us along with them.

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